Computer Repairs

Computers are getting faster and have more features every day. Hardware and Software changes are so numerous, it important to note that we can help You keep up with them.

When you need Prompt and Guaranteed Repairs, consider our Experienced On Site Technical Team.

We fix Laptops, Notebooks, Desktops, PC Monitors and some major components.

We also have our "Check It, Before You Bin It" program. This was set up with the aim of giving you a confirmed diagnosis and peace of mind on that PC, TV, Player, Recorder, etc.

Computer Repair

We are Experts in diagnosing and PC repair.
We resolve all manner of computer problems.
Problems with upgrades?
Sluggish computer performance?
Not working at all?
We can help!

Computer Upgrading

Let us guide you in Configuring of Wired and Wireless Networks, Components Upgrades, (e.g. RAM, Video Cards, Disk or SSD Drives, etc), Broadband Installation, Laptop Upgrades, Laptop Data Recovery, Computer setup, computer repair, Computer Services and much more!

Computer Maintenance

We Help with Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal, Disk Optimisation, Data Back up options, Software updates, Component Testing & Physical Cleaning, Power Management, Laptop Upgrades, Laptop Data Recovery,

Repairs & Parts

We source all the parts for all our repairs, ensuring that you get the best value for money. Our aim is to always ensure that you get valid parts and a reliable finished product.

Efficient PC Care

We help with smart maintenance of your PC. Either Call or bring it in and we will Check it and Perform a series of standard tests. From the results we will recommend and implement the necessary solutions.

Warranty Claims

All part and labour are guaranteed for 3 months on any of the many items repaired by our Expert Technicians.

Registry Repair

The causes of slow performing Computer systems is most often attributed to fragmented hard disks and registry errors. We will clean and check the registry. We will also run full series of diagnosic tests on all your drives.

Security and Privacy

Viruses, Spyware and Malware are common place today in any computer environment and platform. We will recommend and help in the install of reputable Utilities and Antivirus Options. We will also help with the protection and archiving of your valuable Data

Backup and Recovery

Crashes and deletions can make using computers very frustrating. that's why we recommend backing up your valuable programs and personal data as much as possible. It is advisable to do this on as much media as you can. USB storage devices, hard drives, DVD Media, We can Help!!