Video Tape Transfers

It is time to change the way you access your memorable Video Tape recordings. With the arrival of new ways of accessing video content and digital files, it may be best to start converting your Video tapes and get ready for the next step in viewing technology.

The advent or high capacity and portable storage media like the iPad, Galaxy Tablets and not to mention the humble USB stick have made it easier to manage the access and archiving of any form of digital content.

We offer an onsite walk-in service to help with the confident and best quality transfer of your video tape content to digital format, e.g., DVD, USB or any other media of your choice. We can even upload the files to a location of your choosing.

For a fee we can help with video and audio editing as well as the cleaning up of your freshly converted files. Excessive gaps and heavily damaged segments will be omitted from any final recording at your request.

Benefits of Converting to Digital Formats

Depending on the quality and make, Video tapes can start to degrade in as little as five years. A DVD disk will not degrade the content and depending on storage and use can last over 100 years.

Digital Media is also easier to store and locate. Just think how many times you have had to move, review and repack your bulky Video tapes.

Let us help ensure your movies and precious memories will last for the next generation and posterity.

Our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines when iot comes to video pre annd post production.

Our experts with over 20 years experience can take your precious memories and see that they are faithfully transfered to Digital file formats that can be viewed or re-edited at a later date.

We offer an onsite Video Tape to Digital Media Transfer Service. It is a fact that the tapes are getting worn and viewing may be getting skewed, obscured and distorted, so while we cannot improve the existing quality or fix the detioration we can at least capture the tapes content permanetly so there is no more deterioration.

The only snow that you should know must be made by nature not technology.

What is happeneing to all those favourite home movies? Those treasured memories that you have created over the years on VHS tape and other dated media.

VHS tape was never designed for long term use as it degrades exponetially over time and with constant use. Coupled with the declining use and avaiability of VHS systems and media in favour of high resolution DVD media

We are now offereing a conversion and transfer service that copies all content to high quality DVD media on site.

When the transfer is complete you have DVD videos that:

  • Can be copied over and over again, with each copy being as clear and crisp as the original
  • Won´t visually degrade, regardless of how often the DVD is played,( the laser never touches the media)
  • Will last for years... A life time
  • Can be Quickly edited and customised with menus , effects and mixed with other video content.
  • Occupies limited storage space.
  • Will play on virtually any DVD player, recorder or drive This includes standalone and Computers.

Please Note:
Remember to Record and edit all your UK content in the PAL format. That ensures that you get the best viewing compatibility with any device or player used in the UK.

So when your Relatives, Friends and business associates send you DVD or even VHS video media, from abroad, be sure to tell them of your formatting requirements.

We cannot duplicate copyrighted material. It is illegal and in most cases futile as most commerical media are copyright protected.