Tech Support

Our Team continues its journey on the cutting edge of the Service and Repair of Audio-Visual, Computer and Legacy Technology. We now include Evolving Support for Exciting New and Future Tech too.

Television Maintenance

The maintenance of your television is always a top priority.  So whether it requires cleaning, temperature control. wall mounting, adequate space clearance, firmware updating or proper tuning, we can always advise and help.

Computer Maintenance

We aim to help you keep your computer(s) in good repair. We can quickly resolve a range of important issues, including and not limited to Cleaning, Storage, Archiving, Hardware and Software related tasks. Others include Registry Repair, Driver Updates, Disk Cleaners/Optimisers, Security, Privacy, Backup and Recovery.

Computer Repair & Upgrades

Computer repairs are a fact of life. The cost of new systems are now very exorbitant, (e.g. 20% VAT). Lots of business and personal computers are coming to the mid point and even further on in their working life. More attention needs to be focused on seeking affordable repair and upgrade options. We off a highly technical support service that gives value for money and peace of mind when the time comes to either repairing or upgrading your desktop or laptop.

Home Electronics

We can sort out most issues when it comes to the repair and maintenance of DVD Players, Record Players, Amplifiers, Home Theatre Systems, Audio Systems/Decks, etc. Subject to the availability of parts we can attempt repairs to High end Steam Irons. Industrial Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners and in some cases legacy Tech, e.g. valve radios and amplifiers.

Games Consoles & Peripherals

Excessive use of consoles and peripherals can sometimes mean that they have to be replaced or tolerated with diminished capability. In most cases Our Team can repair and refresh the faulty device and give it a new lease of life. Have you got an expensive joystick or Games Controller that's misbehaving? Before binning it please let us take a look at it. We could save you loads!!

Indoor/Outdoor PA System

We can repair and maintain PA systems for Commercial Premises, Schools, Gyms, Community Centres. This extends to Portable PA Systems too.

We can equally supply Custom Kits, TVs, Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, Cables and WiFi Relays. Let us be Your 1st call for Expert Technical Advice and Support! .

3D Printer Repairs & Support

As London based Technical Support Partners for Ultimaker and Shining 3D we can assist with all your technical support issues. This covers the Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker Original+, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Go, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 3 and the Einstart-C Desktop range of 3D Printers.

3D Design & 3D Prints

We support FDM 3D Printing. It is the most widely available 3D printing process and is mostly used for low-cost prototyping and design verification. It is a great time saving process and supports very fast turn around times.

Digital Classroom Support

For all your Digital Workshops, Presentations or Sessions needs, let Our Team put your mind at ease. We supply or hire out Laptops, DeskTop Computers, Mice, Projectors, Projector Stands, Projector Screens/TVs,. We also supply 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, A4 Graphic Tablet, 2D Scanner/Inkjet Printers, VR Head Set Bundles, Leads & Consumables, PA Systems, Speakers, Trolley and other key peripherals.